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Tibetan Bowl School


Tibetan Bowl Sound Healing School

  1. To research and explore the uses of Tibetan Sacred Sound Instruments for well-being, to share and promote awareness of this knowledge and to network internationally those active in such work for the betterment of all.
  2. To offer training workshops, teleclasses, podcasts and special events for members where people may share and explore interests and experiences in the uses of sacred sound for well-being
  3. To set a high standard with specific skill mastery for practitioners with introductory and Advanced levels of Certification in Tibetan Bowl Sound Healing.
  4. To promote the education and awareness of the history, philosophy and transformative uses of Tibetan Sacred Sound Instruments in therapeutic and educational settings.
  5. To offer an international referral system for members who have advanced certification
  6. To network people involved in the area of Tibetan Bowl Sacred Sound, complementary modalities and health professionals via a Directory of TBSHS members.
  7. To be a resource library for sound and music for well-being.
  8. To publish an online newsletter featuring articles and announcements of workshops and events related to sound and well-being.
  9. To hold regular practicums in order to hear member ideas and concerns, share ideas, practices, and network with complementary organizations so that we may keep expanding as an organization.





Tibetan Bowl School
Encinitas, CA 92024