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Tibetan Bowl Sound Healing School


Sound Healing

Tibetan Bowl Sound Healing School


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Singing Bowl Websites:

Sound-Related Websites Music Therapy Assoc. San Diego 619-299-1411

Sound Groups & Blogs

.Sound Healing Books:

Singing Bowls:

Ancient Sounds for a New Age: Introduction to Himalayan Sacred Sound Instruments- Diane Mandle*
How to Clear Space with Sound - Diane Mandle*
Healing Power of Sound- Dr. Mitchell Gaynor- a must-have*
Singing Bowl Exercises for Personal Harmony- Anneke Huyster*
General Sound Healing: The World is Sound - Nada Brama- a classic*
Healing Sounds- Jonathan Goldman - a good reference on toning* The 7 Secrets of Sound Healing- Jonathan Goldman * Toning- Laurel Elizabeth Keys -a classic on toning*
Overtoning, Wayne Perry*
TheraSound,David Ison,
Energy Medicine and Sound Healing,John Beaulieu, Ph.D.,
Resonance Therapy,Molly Scott,
Pythagorean Lambdoma,Barbara Hero,
Sacred Sound-Sacred Geometry,Benedict Howard,
Sounding the Inner Landscape,Kay Garner,
Listening For Wellness, Pierre Soulnier
The Healing Power of the Human Voice: James D'Angelo Creating Inner Harmony:Don Campbell Tibetan Sound Healing-Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche

General Healing Books:

Buddha in the Waiting Room, Paul Brenner, Shaman, Healer Sage,Alberto Villodo The Book of Chakras, Ambika Wauters How to Heal with Color- Ted Andrews Shamanism- Ted Cowan The Pendulum, Bridge to Infinate Knowing- Dale Olson
The Ringing Cedars Series ~ Vladimir Megre'
How Long Do You Choose to Live: A Question of a Lifetime ~ Peter Ragnar
PsychoLogics: How to Change Your Beliefs to Change Your Life
Kenneth G. Brockman

Sound Healing CD's Return to OM* -Diane Mandle, Tibetan bowls
Sarasvati's Dream-Diane Mandle Tibetan bowls, gongs etc * Event Horizon*- RIchard Rudis, earth gong*
Terma Yana*- Richard Rudis, earth gong*
Xumantra- Marco Dolce* -Tibetan bowls*
7 Metals- Tibetan Bowls*
Golden Bowls- Karma Moffet, Tibatan bowls*
Coalescence- Jim Cole , Harmonic Singing*
Nada Himalaya- Deuter *
Eternal OM - Robert Slap, Just OM for an hour *
Rain of Blessings- Vajra Chants- Lama Gyurme & Jean Phillipe Rykiel*
The Lama's Chant- Lama Gyurme & Jean Phillipe Rykiel* The Lost Chord- Jonathan Goldman,vocal overtones, chants& mantras *Moonsung - Sheila Chandra, of the best of her beautiful vocals*
Inlakesh The Gathering - primordial sounds from tribal cultures*

Sound Healing Radio, -Healing Sounds show, Jonathan Goldman,

Sound Healing Radio Interviews & Published Articles

with Diane Mandle
with Richard Rudis

Sound Videos:

With Diane Mandle
With Richard Rudis


Articles on Sound

Sound Healing Conferences:

Sound Healing in Medical Settings

San Diego Cancer Center-(Encinitas & Vista) free for cancer patients- 760-634-6661
The Chopra Center
Sharpe Hospital
National Association for Music Therapy, Silver Spring, Md

Sound-Related Workshops/Events -

Esalen Institute:
Center for Global Peace and Prosperity:
The Living Temple:
Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center:
Awakenings: Spiritual Growth Bookstore and Energy Center

Sound People

Richard Rudis, Diane Mandle, Don Campbell, Barbara Crowe, Fabien Maman, Mandara Cromwell, Steven Halpern, Dr. Pat Flanigan, Silvia Nakkach, Joshua Leeds Chloe Goodchild, Stanley Jordan, Sheila Chandra, Amrita, Wayne Perry, Jonathan Goldman, Jim Albani

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