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Tibetan Bowl Sound Healing School

Practitioners Directory

This is a list of all Certified TBSHS practitioners by location. Every practioner listed has successfully completed our program and been evaluated by us. Some students have completed all their practice hours and workshops but have not had their final evaluation. I am listing those students whose work has been exemplary even tho the formal certification has not been achieved ( often because of distance) The list will be updated as new students become certified practitioners and certification year will be posted.


Phoenix area: Steve Wales, swales@cox.net, 602-677-0306. Certified July 2014

Tuscon: Danielle Dvorak- Assists people with transformation (healing) through clearing of that which no longer serves their higher purpose- be it physical, mental, emotional and/or spiritual. www.replevyn.com, danielle@replevyn.com 847-323-9188 Certified 2008

Diane Mandle, Encinitas, Sound Energy Healing , soundenergyhealing@gmail.com , 760-944-3441.Owns and operates the Tibetan Bowl Sound Healing School. since 2008. Has an established private practice that integrates Polarity, Coaching, Tibetan bowls and tuning forks. Work includes years in the medical setting with cancer patients, in jails with returning veterans with PTSD and more. She is an internationally recognized concert and recording artist and a published authority in Sound Healing. with many bookes on Kindle. Certified in 2000 through Sacred Sound Workshops and 2004 by State of California

Peter Poole, Temecula- peterapoole@verizon.net , 951-264-6686 Certified in April of 2012

Susan Murray- Valley Center susan.mrr@gmail.com 760-525-0329 .Certified in April of 2012

Kathleen Hansen-Santee,  Serenity Sound Healing, Tibetan bowl sound and vibrational healing, toning, guided meditation and more. www.serenitysoundhealing.com kathleen@serenitysoundhealing.com Certified May 2013

Mark Paradise-; Borrego Springs- Tibetan bowl sound healing, Shamanic Intuitive healer and teacher offering meditations and visualizations, concerts with Paiste gongs and other spiritually inspiring musical instruments , space clearing , workshops and more . theresonancecode.com 951-704-2145. Certified June 2013

Fawntice Finesse - Los Angeles,,Website: healwithsounds.com email: info@healwithsounds.com, www.facebook.com/healwithsounds & www.twitter.com/healwithsounds - Fawntice works with individuals and groups in yoga, meditation, reiki, and sound healing with Tibetan singing bowls, Paiste gongs, and other sacred instruments. Certified July 2014

Elizabeth Larson- Pasadena, www.heare.la  We apply the sciences of sound, Ayurveda and yoga as practical and sustaining tools to open, clear and balance. Through listening (hear) and presence (here) one may identify and observe the root cause of ailments. el@heare.la 310-592-1191 Certified September 2015

Samuel Palmer- San Francisco. Samuel assists others in cultivating physical and spiritual well being through yoga and sound healing. www.embodyharmonics.com. Certified January 2017

Rachel Hildebrandt- Hawaii ,http://himalayansacredsoundhealing.com .Rachel integrates sound therapy with Kundalini yoga, breath/meditation work and hypnotherapy to support one's journey to self-awaareness. 323- 893-9318 Certified August 2017

Mixel Ventura, MSW--Rancho Mirage, California.  www.mixelsacredsound.com  (760) 883-0965.  I integrate antique Tibetan singing bowls, tuning forks, crystal bowls, Reiki, and flower essences to support clients on their healing journey to remember their wholeness.  Certified August 2019.

Stephanie Burch, M.A.
 Monterey CA. www.tibetanbowlsongsofsoul.com Ph: 831.585.7548 Email: tibetanbowlsongsofsoul@gmail.com  Steph combines Western psychodynamic inquiry, Buddhist philosophy and antique Tibetan instruments and gong to facilitate healing with an emphasis on cultivating kindness and compassion towards Self and others. She offers individual and group sound healing sessions, breath work/guided meditation, toning, space clearing and is available for events. Certified may 2022


Pat & Kitty Shirk Denver,CO www.wholelifemodalities.com, 303-948-9681, Certified 2006

Shannon McGehee- Colorado Springs- Shannon McGehee, M.A., Clinical Psychology, is certified as a Professional Life Coach, Reiki Master Teacher, Numerologist/Tarot Reader and Sound Energy Practitioner who offers Tibetan and crystal bowl sound healing, workshops/classes (particularly in psychic development and energy work), and small group meditative concerts for private party and corporate events.
Email:  shannon@soundintuitive.com 858-6994087 . Certified October 2017

Alicia Lochary - Boulder, CO www.bodhitreeenergetics.com.702-308-3696, , alochary@yahoo.com Certified 2008.


Anna Less LAc, AP, DOM, PhD has a meditation retreat center in Sarasota Florida. She was the first western woman to receive a PhD in Chinese Medicine in China. Anna has over 30 years experience as a Chinese Medical practitioner, meditation teacher and spiritual healer. She uses Tibetan bowls, crystal bowls, Paiste gongs, and healing stones together with her knowledge of spirituality, meditation, and Chinese Medicine to connect the body, mind and soul in a journey toward optimal wellness and wellbeing. Annaless99@gmail.com 941 400 4999 Certified June 2015

Monika Olbrycht , ombrightproductions@yahoo.com 954-873-0794 . Three level certified Qigong instructor, certified Integrated Energy Therapy, Magnified Healing and Angelic Pathways Process through Divine Love Institute in Hollywood, Fl, .Reiki teacher/practitioner. Space clearing using Tibetan bowls, Offering individual or group meditation with sound, secret mantras, Rites, Kriya Yoga, Tibetan Bowl Sound Healing. Certified March 2017



Andrea Cannon Andrea Cannon, Tawas City, Michigan: Sound Healing with Tibetan singing bowls, tuning forks and other sacred instruments, Shamanic practitioner, Reiki Master, certified in Vibrational Fascia Release, certified animal energy healer and communicator. www.facebook.com/White Dove Healing 48, whitedovehealing48@gmail.com, 989-218-2230. Certified Feb 2012



Karen Roberts- www.thesonictouch.comkaren@thesonictouch.com, 406-995-3168. Offers private sessions integrating sacred sound instruments with Reiki and meditation. Karen received her Master Reiki Teacher certification in 2011, her Primordial Sound Meditation certification in 2013. Certifiied June 2014.


Julie Mars- is committed to helping her clients discover, reconnect to, and strengthen the "Three "Treasures"--vitality,energy, and spirit--through her work with sacred sound instruments. She can be reached at Three Treasures Sound Healing in Albuquerque, New Mexico. For information or appointments, call (505) 507-3490 or e-mail 3TreasuresSound@gmail.com . Certified Nov 2011

Tibetan Bow Sound HealingNEW YORK :

Mark Woodhouse Elmira NY. mwoodhouse@stny.rr.com (607) 732-5495. Offers individual Tibetan bowl sound healing sessions and meditation instruction and sessions. Certified Nov 2013


Shantara Grace, Portland. Shantara has been doing sound healing for over 25 years, is a Reiki Master and a Painter of sound & energy. In both her private sessions and group healing sessions, she brings people into a deep state of meditation effortlessly while using specific sound frequencies to facilitate healing and transformation. She is known for her strong and loving presence, her powerful voice, grace and compassion. www.shantaragrace.com  503.542.7433   Certified June 2015.


Wendy Hiltz- Touch of Sunrise - McCord, Saskatchewan. Wendy is certifed in a variety of modalities. She has completed all the Advanced work and is waiting for the final certification. I do not hesitate to recommend her. wendy@touchofsunrise.com 306-478-2943






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